The Collection of Jacqueline Melrose – Revenge

What if George R. R. Martin had written Marry Poppins?

When an insane immortal is trapped on Earth and a precocious human girl is selected for immortality, the two cannot keep out of each other’s way, resulting in adventure, mayhem, murder and heartbreak.

Jeanne Melrose is in trouble.

Her husband, a landowner in 1910 London’s warehouse district, has died under mysterious circumstances. Murdered, in fact. Jeanne is quickly courted by a shady business associate, and her precocious twin daughters now see conspiracy and catastrophe ’round every corner.

Yet even as the twins plot their mother’s salvation, a half-step to the right off any cobbled street corner finds the immortal Ba of OtherWhere coveting the spirit of one of Jeanne’s daughters for themselves and are impatiently awaiting her delivery.

Half human and half Ba, Edith Stitch is sent to prepare the young Jacqueline Melrose as best she can to survive the pending events, but Edith fails to foresee the immortal and insane Lord Booth falling from OtherWhere to invade London and bedevil Jeanne’s and her daughter’s lives.

Managing business and family along with unearthly confrontations toughen Widow Melrose, but oblivious to her vital place in the way-of-things, consequences confound her and will eventually leave her heartbroken.

This work is available at most all on-line bookstores as ebook and trade paperback.


The Collection of Jacqueline Melrose – Reunion

80 % done.

Like it or not, blood is forever.

To Jeanne Melrose, family means everything until she discovers her twin girls are not at all what she’d thought, and neither is their nanny. And neither is she.

Young Jacqueline Melrose is the chosen one. But against all reason and apparently quite by accident her twin sister has taken her place. But not her place in OtherWhere, where the eternal Ba covet and collect Earth’s children to fuel their addiction to the game of mortality.

Jacqueline’s sister has fallen through fractured reality to become well and truly lost. To survive between the realms of the mortals and immortals, Joanne has created her own universe – but not quite the place those who search for her expected to find.

Nor is she the child they thought they’d lost.

Their mother’s world is shaken as Jeanne Melrose and Jacqueline risk all in the search – with the unexpected help of Lord Booth, the fallen Ba, the evil one, who finally discovers to his dismay who he really is.

The Collection of Jacqueline Melrose – part 3

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The Girl on the Thirteenth Floor

What would you do to obtain ultimate power? What would you do to keep it? What if you never wanted it…

A girl child is born into the most powerful family on Earth. Her father loves her more dearly than anything. More than his wife who died far too young. More than his unique business, his brain child, and a greedy child at that. Her father runs Earth’s the first and only Space Elevator. A construction so advanced and secret with its technology that the world’s curious will stop at nothing to wrest that power from him. And it is ultimate power, as the Snake is the only economical path into space, and also provides earth with vast amounts of power obtained from space born generators.

And one day it will all be hers.

If she wants it.

If she survives.


Witch Serial

In Progress.

A series following three witches that have survived the early days despite their calling. Turns out, beyond witchcraft, they are also the ultimate in assassins.

Abigail, Ophelia and Selene are three sisters of the blood that have become infamous through their escapades. But a funny kind of famous – for no one has ever really heard of them. Which is pretty much the they like it. They like their peace. They like their privacy. And they like to kill. If you need someone dead bad enough and you are powerful enough, you may overhear a whispered rumor about someone who knows someone who heard about someone. Maybe. And if you pursue it – you may wind up dead yourself. The sisters have survived a very long time.

But their relationship with each other is the last thing that seems to have helped them, as they’d pretty much love to kill each other as much as anyone else.

Follow these three nutcases as they muddle and fuddle their way though the pages of a very old and heavy calendar, helping and hindering each other in their day to day lives amongst the mortals – and be careful, as the witch hunters will just as soon kill you as them if they suspect you’re holding out, if you know something that would help them in their quest to rid the world of the scourge of magic.